January 2010!

The Elohim send Messages of Light for 2010:
The Elevated Goddess and the Stellar Dreams of Mother Earth~
The new Cosmic Father and the Enlightenment of Consciousness

channeled by Jhadten Jewall on 1.1.2010

We, the Elohim, the 24 Nameless Ones that surround the Father Godhead as the Creatrix in Her many forms of expression,  come to you today  to speak of that time period in your reckoning of 2010. We respond joyously to your query as to this time frame and your evolution in the realms of Mother Earth, for dear She is unto us since theStellar Dreams of Mother Earth © Jhadten Jewall beginning of all time!
Glorious the light that rains upon your Earth planes at this time, but even greater perhaps the Dream of Lady Gaia emerging from the Heart of the Creatrix. As mankind evolves, opportunities for Gaia evolve, and Her evolution is the foundation of the evolution of consciousness in your incarnational experiences there at this time. The Dream of Gaia is a dream of stellar connections, for verily the stars in your heavens, like brother and sister suns to your sun, the source of your enlightening experience, are likened unto ‘mirrors of reality’.  As the Creatrix dreams and the Father develops new Creation thoughts, Creation unfolds.  Both at the Source dreaming and creating, both simultaneously as if the Father’s thought triggered the passion of the Goddess to clothe this thought in the most exquisite forms of sensuality, beauty, color, shape, texture and appearance; the Goddess’ dream of such beauty and sensuality, an expression of infinite love beyond all imagining, triggers even greater, more magnificent creative thoughts in the Father’s Heart, for indeed these Two are enamoured of another with a respect, passion, dynamic and joy that is absolute and cause all angelic realms to ceaselessly sing songs of praise and joy.  For in the ‘aha’ experience of the Father’s Creative Thought, in the ‘oh my word’ experience of the Goddess’ Dream of Beauty, sound emerges as the vehicle of creation, that continually increases the  consummate refinement of the merkabah of precipitation.  The myriad of dreams and creative thoughts in the Heart of Source generate the Celestial Harmony of the Spheres that continually sings Creation into being, in all dimensions, times and places.
So now the joy of the Goddess dreaming through Lady Gaia’s Heart sends the energy of the elemental beings to unite with the realms of stellar light appropriate for that phenomenon, for it is there that the Father has directed with His sound the most perfect thought form of that phenomenon, be it physical or emotional or of the mind.  The two then uniting, the thought and the most perfect expression in Creation of that thought, in stellar realms precipitates the birth of this phenomenon on Earth.  As always the combined sounds of the Thought and Dream generate a reality greater than the sum of the parts as the two meet in the realms of Creation. Although created vibrationally in these higher realms, it will be necessary for this greater sound and pattern to pass through the hearts of the Children of Light who are incarnated upon the Earth planes at this time in order to accomplish this, so that it may become a living breathing reality here on and for Mother Earth.  This dynamic that enhances each aspect is constantly changing, especially in the time period you are in on Earth at this time.  In this year of your reckoning, the Goddess is elevated, which means that the potency and vibrational frequencies emanated by her are increasing dramatically, for mankind has reached another level in their evolution where this is possible.  This higher emanation flows through the Heart of Mother Earth and is carried by the elemental beings of Earth, the emissaries of the Goddess’ Love, into the stellar realms but also into the bodies of mankind (also of elemental nature). The resonance of this energy in the body triggers the resonance with that part of the soul that is in direct communion with the Will, Thought, Creativity of God.  Hence, consciousness is in its ‘wholistic’ expression aware of this stellar dynamic. The small rational mind, however, could not possibly follow or comprehend this process.  Attuning to this stream of the Goddess’ Love and becoming aware of this support, allows each incarnated soul then to connect with this higher and most immediate creative part of their soul in stellar realms in order to birth a whole new reality for themselves here on Earth.  The fulfillment in this process is that by each soul manifesting the highest and most exquisite reality for itself in this incarnation, collectively mankind is birthing the Dream of Mother Earth.  For Her Dream is yours, it was the agreement and contract you as souls made with Her in coming to the Earth planes at this time.  So, too, your agreements to be born or reside within a specific soul group (nation), for in mutual support together you will find your way to the realization of these dreams more easily and joyfully.  Hence this year shall see the ‘gathering of the tribes’ as various souls with their gifts now activated by this new frequency, shall gather to create the gateways of manifesting their Dreams.  She has bestowed upon you and maintains and supports this ‘vehicle’ in which you experience the evolution of consciousness in Creation in these realms of Terra Gaia. The patterns of Love, the sounds of Peace and Harmony, the frequencies of Light and Creation are moving into exquisite refinement at this time.  Our greatest message to you at this time, is to not look upon the world as you have known it or as you assume it to be now, but to gaze into the flood of love moving into your body though the Earth realms and feel the response of your soul pouring its blessings of new Light and Joy upon you for you make it possible for the higher frequencies of the soul to enter by opening to that Earth/Body flow.
As  you birth new love, harmony, beauty, peace, balance and light in your body, heart and mind, it will manifest more and more in your daily life and thus your reality will change. Mastering your mental abilities to harness this power in the Eternal Present rather than dwelling on the past or future shall set you free from all limitations hither.  As your greatest avatar said:” And he said unto his disciples ‘Therefore I say unto you, Take no thought for your life, what ye shall eat; neither for the body, what ye shall put on.’” (Luke 12, 22) As many other avatars have instructed: dwell not in the limitations of the mind but rather through the heart expand into greater consciousness and awareness. In this your year of 2010, you will experience the greater truth of these words.  What joy and delight if all things within align, so that the creativity and joy of the soul can express through you in this incarnation as it has never expressed through physicality before.  Rejoice, oh Children of Light, for Glory and Splendor abound in profusion should you turn unto the elevated Goddess within now and allow the stellar dreams of your soul and Lady Gaia to united with the potentiated creative Light of God within now.  We the Elohim, surrounding the Godhead, are with you now more closely than ever before, to witness and celebrate with you the dawning of a new era of consciousness in your realms,  Adonai, Adonai, Adonai!
(Image: Stellar Dreams of Mother Earth © 2010 Jhadten Jewall).  This is the cover image for a workshop that Jhadten will be doing in Wexford Ireland, Wales UK, Hamburg Germany, Munich Germany, Zurich Switzerland this spring.  See the online Calendar of Events.


The Image below is my impression of the Energies of 2010
The Power of the Elevated Goddess birthing together with the higher Light of God
the most exquiste flows and forms of energy ~
regal majestic spiritual and sensual!

May you all rise into the Glory and Spendour of this sacred Time on Earth!
Namaste. Jhadten Jewall

image below © Jhadten Jewall 2010

Many blessings, Joy, Delight, Laughter, Gratitude, Appreciation and Love,
Jhadten Jewall