One of the biggest pleasures, when you’re attuned to
it, is when your stomach is empty but you’re not hungry. You will
never experience morning euphoria if you eat late in the day. But
once you feel comfortable with avoiding eating for a few hours
before bedtime, you’ll begin to feel a certain elation.
You’ll also sleep better if you resist the urge to eat at night,
and you’ll experience a deeper sleep. You won’t have to go to the
bathroom between 1am and 3am and then have to spend another two
hours trying to fall asleep again. What’s more, you won’t even need
as much sleep as you did before.
And I can’t think of a better way to flatten your stomach. When you
don’t eat after early or mid-afternoon, your stomach contracts
during the rest of the day and remains so for the duration of the
night. An empty stomach creates a situation where the pressure
inside is less than that on the outside, pulling the stomach in.
Because this happens daily, over time your stomach will retain its
flatness, even without you doing 100 crunches.